Joyful Moments

To acknowledge a joyous moment in your day

Old Books

Went for a cultural outing today to museum, art gallery and state library. It was in the library where the three of us marvelled at the old books on the shelves in the ‘historical’ section of the library. Three floors, balcony style, rows and rows. 1913 were the earliest we found (I’m sure they had older). A joyful moment that the three of us each had a book and were reading from authors of long ago. Nothing like holding a physical book in your hands.

Thank you for the gift of reading. Mary


I decided to cook ‘Zucchini Stuffed with Mince and Rice’ today. Had the ingredients but not the know-how. Straight away I rang home, mum not there, dad was. A joyful moment to have dad explain to me how to put this all together. A true reflection on his contribution to our childhood; information, service, commitment.

Thank you for my background. Mary

Sunday Drive

We went for a Sunday drive today to Victor Harbor, walked around Granite Island, watched cows being milked at a private dairy, wrote messages in the sand at Maslin Beach and had a hot chocolate at Christies Beach, plus more. A really good day; it was all joyful, but to pick the best joyful moment; watching the two girls write messages and laugh together would be it.

Thank you for beautiful coastlines. Mary


Was able to attend my daughter’s netball game this morning. The opposition team played far better than our team today. But, we had some good play at times, so there is plenty of possibility. A passage of play when my daughter was playing as ‘goal attack’ and she ran up two thirds of the court, to ensure her team got the ball, and then once disposed of it, ran back to the shooting ring to be available to receive. For that joyful moment it was a great to see her fully immersed in the sport.

Thank you for teams. Mary

Stitches of Laughter

Today I shared a cheeky/naughty telephone conversation with an Administrator of a program I am participating in. We were both in stitches of laughter; it was hilarious. Then she was asking me permission to ring me to get a laugh, whenever she was having a down day. At that point I realised I had made her day. To acknowledge her, it took both of us to create this wonderful, joyful moment.

Thank you for imagination. Mary

Winter Food

I cooked a delicious yellow split pea soup tonight, served with polenta. The soup was yummy and tasty; the base was onion, some pumpkin, carrot and celery, sautéed, until they were soft, then the split peas added, and some home made stock. A perfect winter food for a wintery night. A joyful moment to feel it warm me up from the inside.

Thank you for creative cookery. Mary

Fresh Air

We went for a drive today to the Whispering Wall. Pretty neat that it was made over a hundred years ago and it’s still holding strong. Walking along the dam wall in the fresh air was great and the view across the dam was special, especially with the reflections in the water. And whispering from one end of the wall to the other was cute, and impressed our exchange student.

Thank you for great engineering. Mary

Board Games

With the family playing board games tonight, we had fun and learning. After homemade pizza, we settled down to play and to be present to each other. It was a joyful moment to be together without electronic devices in our eyeballs.

Thank you for shared times. Mary


The two girls decided they had to bake something to bring to school tomorrow for a shared class breakfast. So at 9pm they began making muffins. Has made for a late night for them, but they worked together to get them done. It was great teamwork. One made them and the other washed the dishes but showed the other how each step of making them was done. And the laughter and fun they had was enormous. Just as well the egg they dropped on the floor was not.(enormous, that is!) Watching and hearing them was a long joyous moment.

Thank you for fun. Mary


Everything I do involves some form of reading. I thank my parents for the ability I have and desire, to read. I am extremely grateful for this gift and hope I have instilled a continual love of reading to my daughter. All the joyful moments I have shared with her, reading to and with her. All the things I learn by reading are also joyful moments.

Thank you for the written word. Mary